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    Colleges for a 35 ACT Score

    Students who score a composite score of 35 on the ACT have a national rank of 99. ACT national rank percentile is the number of students who score higher or lower than a certain score. Only one out of every hundred students who took the ACT in the last few years got a score higher than 35.

    If you earned a 35 on the ACT, congratulations! A 35 is an excellent ACT score. An ACT score of 35 is a competitive score for top colleges and universities.

    It is just one point lower than 36, which is the highest ACT score possible, and 15 points higher than the average ACT score of 20.

    Getting a 35 on the ACT means you got received nearly perfect scores on all four sections of the ACT: English, math, reading, and science.

    The most-selective colleges usually have an average ACT range of 32-36. Very selective colleges usually have an average ACT range of 27-31.

    How to Get a Higher ACT Score

    Studying for the ACT can help you earn a top score, like 35 or higher. Take an ACT practice test to see which areas you are strong in and where you can improve. Focus your ACT prep on the areas where you have the most opportunity for improvement to get the best ACT score possible.

    From the CC forums:

    "Is a 35 ACT score good enough for the ivy leagues if I have B's in my classes?"

    See responses on the College Confidential forums and explore colleges for a 35 ACT score.


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